more poop.


what is living on your wall?

here is another creature that made it to the surface of some wall…inspired by ancient myths and tales these shapes transform the wall into a kind of shrine worshipping the freedom of surreality…what is living on your wall? what stories does it tell you?

joy of transitions

the joy of wall-creatures

recently started a new series of miniature-wall-customization…imagine your walls come to life, they have eyes, colorful feathers, tentacles…your wall becomes a creature to talk and dream with you…telling you stories of worlds behind your wall or worlds that your walls could grow….it is an ongoing series still miniatures…but I hope in the near future to find big walls in big rooms, maybe your room or a shop where these creatures can come to life…so, if you have a wall to inhabit or share, give us a hint…me and the creatures are looking forward to bring it to life

pedro at the northbrigade pool
wondering what’s the center of your cosmos?

KOBRCCC stickerpack #1

a nice collection of custom-cutout matte venylstickers with artwork by KOBRCCC. Stick them on your skateboard, cheeks or wherever…spread them and have fun xD

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WALLOP - vol 2 - version 1

WALLOP is my skateboarding-fanzine you can unfold to have a 11x16 inch poster of a surreal skatedeck-burning-ritual. WALLOP vol 2 is just black and white-radness and it comes in two different versions - this is version 1. Love it or hate it.

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ps: it comes packed with some nice goodies (sticker, fotoprint, …)